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KSB Pumps Inc

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KSB's large Etanorm RSY pumps can provide flows as high as 2,280 m3/hr.

KSB has an extensive portfolio of pumps, valves and systems, and regularly launches new products to meet customer needs in a wide range of industries and applications. The newest addition to the KSB lineup is the SYT Series of pumps, part of the company’s “Eta” family of single-stage pumps. The SYT Series features four pumps specially designed for high temperature heat transfer applications. 

Taking the heat

The new pumps are rated for temperatures of up to 350 degrees C, and are ideal for hot water circulation or heat transfer systems that use synthetic thermal oil. The pumps possess a number of design features that optimize them for high temperature applications. These features include a long-coupled layout to reduce heat transfer between the pump and the motor, reinforced casings and extra heavy-duty bearings to help these pumps stand up to mechanical loads due to thermal stresses in the piping system, and a venting system that facilitates the removal of gases from the system during operations. For very critical fluids, variants with double mechanical seals are available. 

Meet the family 

SYT Series pumps are available in four models of various sizes and capacities, allowing customers to choose pumps that are ideally matched to their application requirements. The models include the compact Etabloc SYT pumps, the convenient Etaline SYT (designed for inline installations), the workhorse Etanorm SYT, and the big brother of the family, the Etanorm RSY. 

The smaller pumps — Etabloc and Etaline — have flow capacities of up to 337 cubic metres per hour, while the large Etanorm RSY pumps can provide flows as high as 2,280 m3/hr.

SYT Series pumps are designed with energy efficiency in mind. Each pump includes an impeller that is fine-tuned to match the required duty point (head and flow rate) of the system for which it was specified. This allows the normal running conditions of the pump to be close to its optimum efficiency point. In addition, all pumps are equipped with high-efficiency motors. 

More information

To learn more about the SYT Series, or any of the company’s other products, contact KSB Pumps Inc., a member of the KSB Group, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of pumps, valves and systems. 


KSB Pumps Inc

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