REDwire How to know when it’s time to replace air filter/regulators for AODD pumps

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Versa-Matic filter regulators feature durability and low maintenance.

When replacing AODD pumps, it may be tempting to continue using existing air filter/regulator installations. But there are many benefits to getting a new Versa-Matic filter/regulator from York Fluid Controls. When determining if it’s time to replace your equipment, there are a number of questions to keep in mind.

Is the existing filter/regulator worn out?

The first thing to consider is the age of the existing filter/regulator, and when the filter element was last replaced. Generally, it’s recommended that filter elements be replaced every six months. One sign that the filter/regulator is worn out is air valve problems, as a broken filter element allows dirt to enter the main air valve of the pump. This can result in excessive pressure drop.

Does the existing filter have the right micron rating?

Air filter sizing is critical. If the filter element is too small, it will become choked and lead to excessive pressure drop. On the other hand, oversized filter elements result in slow air flow and failure to fully remove heavy contaminants. Versa-Matic pumps from York Fluid work best with a 20- or 40-micron filter element, depending on the model. Cross reference guides are available that show the proper filter/regulators for each model.

Does the regulator’s pressure gauge still work?

Most of the products on the market use a dry gauge that will not last long in AODD pump applications. However, Versa-Matic filter/regulators offer a durable liquid-filled pressure gauge that will stand up to heavy pulsations and vibration.

Does the filter have an automatic drain mechanism?

Moisture removed from the air stream gathers at the bottom of the filter’s bowl where it has to be drained. Most filters use manual drains, which means if you forget to drain the bowl, liquid contaminants will eventually pass through the filter and downstream to the pump. Versa-Matic filter/regulators avoid this problem with an automatic drain.

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