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Higginson Equipment delivers superior hydraulic cylinders from brands such as Higginson, Fabco and Lehigh.

While the headline seems counterintuitive, this tongue-in-cheek article is meant to advise you on ways to allow poor cylinder performance in hydraulic components and systems to occur.

Keep the hydraulic system looking slick with an overabundance of oil

Why bother checking any internal or external component for oil leaks? No point to actually check whether you should tighten the fitting. That might actually stop the leak.

Holding onto a bad seal is like holding onto a long-term relationship that should have ended a while ago

An excessively worn, ripped or blown seal is like a familiar pair of jeans; keeping it threadbare is the ultimate in true comfort.

Buying a new, clean seal means that you have to go through the breaking-in process all over again. Too much effort.

The restrictor must mean that a tight fit is the right fit

An incorrectly sized or adjusted restrictor can only mean one thing. To stick with it for the long haul, because, like a snug shoe or a pair of skinny jeans, over time it will loosen over time, right?

Now, of course, if you want poor cylinder performance of your hydraulic system to continue, follow the above advice.

But, if you want to meet or exceed your cylinder performance to its peak, implement a regular system analysis to keep your hydraulic system alive.

Cut the grease: Always check your relief valve for proper settings, as well as the reservoir to control the flow of oil.

Don’t blow it with the seals: Look at relief valve settings to confirm whether you are using the correct hydraulic fluid for your specific system when seals are blown.

Restrictor is not a synonym for constrict: To ensure a correctly sized restrictor and proper cylinder application, check the PSI and cylinder size, which may need a smaller or larger bore depending on the unit specifications.

For close to 70 years, Higginson Equipment Inc. has delivered superior cylinder manufacturing and distributing needs for our more than 6,000 clients across Canada.

To have the largest return of investment possible on your hydraulic system, let Higginson Equipment help put your cylinder performance problems to sleep


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