REDwire Keystone Steam Supplies offers pump connectors with flexibility

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Flexible pump connectors are available from Keystone Steam Supplies.

Flexible pump connectors offer many advantages to steam and hydronic systems. They can be used to compensate for misaligned pipe connections or to accommodate pipe movement, and for such applications as dampening noise or vibration transfer, and for cushioning water hammer.

Flexible pump connectors

Flexible pump connectors from Keystone Steam Supplies utilize corrugated stainless steel with a stainless steel braid for the flexible portion. The braided design ensures thrust loads will not be transferred to nozzles and anchors, so there is no need for control units or tie rods.

The fittings are available in carbon or stainless steel. The most popular options for end fittings are carbon steel flanges and male thread ends, but others are available, including grooved ends. To aid with installation on long connectors, a floating flange can be used on one end. Standard and custom lengths are available. Models with threaded connections come in pipe sizes from 1/2 inch up to four inches, while flanged models come in sizes from two to 14 inches.

The connectors will not compress or extend. For handling expansion pipe movements, Keystone Steam Supplies can offer expansion compensators. These connectors are rated for use in all types of systems, including air, steam and water.

Supplier expertise

Keystone Steam Supplies is known as the single source for steam and hydronic equipment. It offers products from a large number of leading suppliers, and excels at tracking down the best solutions at the best prices. 

Just imagine getting all your steam and hydronic heating supplies from the same place, guaranteed. Keystone Steam Supplies has what you need and will take care of the leg work, ensuring you get your products on time. 


Keystone Steam Supplies

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