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Filters are available to meet any need for size, style and features.

Filters play an important role in keeping steam, air and hydronic systems working properly. That’s why Keystone Steam Supplies counts filters among its lineup of offerings. The Mississauga, Ont.-based company is a leading source for all types of steam and hydronic equipment.


Filters are used at various points in steam, hydronic and air systems to keep them free of dirt and impurities. These contaminants can damage equipment, so proper filtration helps ensure long equipment life. In addition, filters supplied by Keystone Steam Supplies are used to purify steam in applications where the steam comes into contact with a product or process.

Filter selection and features

A wide variety of filter types, sizes and brands are available from Keystone Steam Supplies. The company has cartridge and bag filters that offer easy maintenance, as well as both single cartridge and multi-cartridge filter housing units. The housing units are available for lengths of 10, 20 or 30 inches. The filters themselves come in various micron sizes. Some of the filter brands available include GFO, Shelco, Filterite, Pall and Neptune.

Filter cartridges are available for handling a variety of chemicals, such as organic acids, alkalis and solvents. These cartridges are made with polypropylene string on polypropylene core. They can be used in temperatures up to 82 degrees C (180 degrees F) and excel in low viscosity solutions.

The company also offers Neptune filter bag kits. Equipping a chemical bypass feeder with one of these kits allows it to act simultaneously as a side stream filter.

Distributor expertise

Keystone Steam Supplies has nearly 30 years of industry expertise. The company has assisted hundreds of Canadian businesses by providing the best parts at the right price. 

Just imagine getting all your steam and hydronic heating supplies from the same place, guaranteed. Keystone Steam Supplies has what you need and will take care of the leg work, ensuring you get your products on time. 


Keystone Steam Supplies

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