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Keystone stocks a broad selection of gaskets for steam and hydronic systems.

Seals play a critical role in every steam and hydronic system. For the system to function correctly, efficiently and safely, proper seals have to be maintained. The first step in ensuring a proper seal is getting quality gaskets from a trusted supplier like Keystone Steam Supplies. The company stocks gaskets for use in many applications.

Gaskets in steam systems

Since all kinds of pressure-bearing equipment require good seals, gaskets are available in many types, shapes, sizes and materials. Gaskets are used between and within many parts of steam and hydronic systems. For instance, some steam traps use replaceable gaskets, enabling them to be used in various pressure loads and working temperatures. Another example is the gaskets used between flanges to create a tight seal between piping and equipment. Lastly, the valves in these systems have seals and packing that allow flow control under various conditions.

When the seals between pipe connections or within steam equipment begin to leak, the losses in energy, fluid and pressure will drive up costs. In addition, leaks can pose a number of dangers, which can be avoided by ensuring that working gaskets are in place.

Applications and equipment manufacturers

Keystone Steam Supplies stocks reliable gaskets for many applications, including replacement after inspections, joining flanged pipe, and repairs of filters, valves, steam traps and heat exchangers. These gaskets can be used with equipment from a wide range of steam trap manufacturers, from Armstrong, Barnes & Jones, Dunham Bush, Edison and Hoffman, to MEPCO, Spirax Sarco, Trane Steam Traps and Watson McDaniel. In addition, gaskets are available for boiler controls from McDonnell & Miller, for filter housings from Pall LMO, for chemical by-pass feeders from Neptune, and much more.

For more information on the equipment available, visit the Keystone Steam Supplies website.


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