REDwire Keystone Steam Supplies expands line of F&T steam trap repair kits

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Keystone Steam Supplies provides Float & Thermostatic (F&T) steam trap repair kits for both current and obsolete models.

Keystone Steam Supplies is continuing its tradition of providing the highest quality repair kits for all manufacturers’ steam traps at competitive prices. In this tradition, the company provides Float & Thermostatic (F&T) steam trap repair kits for both current and obsolete models.

F&T repair kits consist of: a stainless steel valve plug; brass or stainless steel seat; stainless steel corrosion-resistant float; a one-piece thermostatic cage unit for air removal, calibrated for uniform operation and more; and a non-asbestos cover gasket.

Many kits come in the form of a complete head assembly, which consists of the above mentioned parts mounted on a new cover (or head). This way the process of repairing a float and thermostatic trap is simple and significantly less expensive than replacing the entire trap body. To make the repair, all you need to do is unbolt and remove the old cover and replace it with a new one (along with the gasket), then bolt the new head onto the trap. 

Just like with thermostatic steam traps, an F&T repair is both simpler and more cost-effective than replacing the entire trap body because, in most cases, it’s only the trap interior that is faulty.

Keystone Steam Supplies carries head assemblies that can be used to make repairs for many brands of float and thermostatic steam traps, up to 125 PSI. If you are uncertain of your requirements, feel free to email the company a picture of the trap in question, along with any information that can help identify it (such as manufacturer, size, etc.).

Keystone Steam Supplies, based in Mississauga, Ont., is a distributor of steam traps and steam trap repair kits and parts in Canada. It offers steam trap repair kits for Edison, Barnes & Jones, Dunham Bush, MEPCO, Erwel, Hoffman, Spirax Sarco, Trane, Watson McDaniel, Watts, Spence, Nicholson, and many more. 

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