REDwire Keyless locking device offers extreme clamping strength

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Tsubaki Of Canada Ltd.

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Tsubaki Power-Locks are well-engineered, adjustable and affordable locking devices.

As a leader in the power transmission industry, Tsubaki is dedicated to finding better ways of connecting components to shafts. Its Power-Locks are such a solution. These keyless locking devices are designed to offer extreme clamping strength, avoiding expensive interruptions in operations.

Eliminates common problems

Tsubaki Power-Locks are well-engineered, adjustable and affordable locking devices that solve many common engineering and maintenance issues associated with other connection devices, particularly keyed connections. For example, the process of machining a keyway into a shaft is tedious, permanent and expensive, and it reduces the strength and amount of torque a given shaft size can transmit. In addition, in a keyed connection, clearances must exist between the component hub, shaft, keyway and key, which allows for metal-to-metal contact, resulting in fretting and corrosion.

Best-in-class features

Tsubaki Power-Locks help to eliminate these issues. The frictional, keyless system allows for easy attachment of shaft to hub without time and money spent on machining or extra assembly labour. It provides a solid connection between the hub and the shaft by using a keyless mechanical interference fit to transmit a high torque or withstand axial thrust. In addition, it features a precision-made, double-taper design that can be easily mounted to any rotational component, allowing the hub to be positioned more accurately on the shaft, and facilitating angular timing of the hub.

Additional details

Available in a variety of styles and bore sizes from 19 to 500 millimetres, Tsubaki Power-Locks are ideal for such applications as the connection of timing pulleys, sheaves, conveyor pulleys, indexing applications, sprockets, gears, cams, levers, motors and hydraulics, clutches and brakes and flange couplings.

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Tsubaki Of Canada Ltd.

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