REDwire Keyence profilometer offers ‘world’s fastest’ sampling speed

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The LJ-V Series profilometer offers versatility and high speed.

For customers seeking a high-speed solution for laser measurement, Keyence offers the LJ-V Series of in-line profilometers. These 2D laser displacement sensors feature ultra-high speeds and a blue laser optical system that makes practically any measurement possible.

LJ-V Series features

The LJ-V Series is the world's first 2D laser displacement sensor to use a blue laser. The blue laser provides stable and accurate measurement, even on surfaces that typically pose a challenge, such as black surfaces, highly reflective metals, inclines with low reflectance, and targets with a variety of colours or finishes. The LJ-V is able to offer high stability thanks to the system's 2D Ernostar lens that focuses a short wavelength 405-nm laser to its maximum limit, resulting in a sharp line beam on the light-receiving element. 

In addition to this versatility, the LJ-V Series offers exceptional speed. In fact, it has the world’s fastest sampling speed among all other 2D laser measuring instruments. It is capable of taking 64,000 profiles per second and sampling 12,800,000 points per second, a speed 240 times faster than conventional devices. That means the LJ-V is capable of measuring targets as they move at high speeds on a conveyor or through a piece of equipment.

Another feature of the LJ-V is its built-in position adjustment function. This function will correct positional misalignment, ensuring accurate measurement. For applications with robotic installs and movable fixtures, the lineup includes a high-flex cable. The LJ-V lineup also includes a number of sensor heads for various measurement ranges, a touch panel monitor and more.

Keyence expertise

Keyence is the ideal source for all types of sensing and measurement equipment, thanks to its knowledgeable professionals, prompt delivery and exceptional after-sales support. The company offers a wide range of inspection and automation products, including a range of sensors, digital microscopes, laser markers and vision systems. It has more than 30 years of experience serving the industry, and offers many innovative solutions that are recognized as "best in class" or "industry first". 

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