REDwire Keyence offers non-contact, clamp-on flow sensor with its FD-Q Series

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The non-contact, clamp-on design of the FD-Q avoids impeding flow or contaminating the system.

Flow sensors play an essential role in many industrial processes, ranging from machine cooling to handling fluid product. The sensors can monitor and record flow information, and provide alerts of any problems. However, conventional flow sensors have a number of issues, from time-consuming installation to continual maintenance. Keyence offers a solution that eliminates these issues — its FD-Q Series clamp-on flow sensor. This sensor features easy installation, integration, setup and use.

FD-Q Series flow sensor

The FD-Q uses an ultrasonic signal to measure flow. It can be simply clamped-on and it will detect water, oil, chemicals and more, even through metal and resin pipes. This differs from conventional flow sensors that use mechanical or thermal methods of measurement. To install these conventional sensors, the machine is shut down, the pipe is cut and threaded, and the sensor is attached via a union joint. In comparison, installation of the FD-Q sensor is fast and simple thanks to its non-contact, clamp-on design.  

Ease of installation and use

When installing the FD-Q flow sensor, no special tools are required, and there is no machine downtime. Installation can be performed by anyone with just a screwdriver. Once installed, the flow sensor is easy to integrate into existing processes, as there is no risk of pressure loss or contamination. 

To make sensor setup easy, the FD-Q Series offers quick setting codes and pre-programmed detection modes. The flow sensor also offers live monitoring of instantaneous flow.

Flow sensor applications

Flow sensors are used in a wide range of factory environments for many applications, such as cooling, cleansing and handling. The FD-Q sensor can provide valuable information on flow variations, which can be caused by an equipment issue such as a clogged strainer, or human error such as an improper valve position. No matter the cause, flow variations can lead to problems with machine protection, quality control or fluid usage. The FD-Q Series flow sensor is the ideal solution. 

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