REDwire Keyence offers multi-point measuring with TM Series optical micrometer

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The TM Series optical micrometer from Keyence can measure 16 points simultaneously.

The TM Series high-speed 2D optical micrometer, available from Keyence, features the ability to perform multi-point measurements simultaneously. The innovative micrometer has a total of four processors for parallel processing, including a newly developed high-speed HT CPU. This enables the TM Series to process up to 1,800 images per minute.

Advantages of the TM Series

The TM Series offers a number of advantages over conventional measurement methods. For instance, unlike laser scan micrometers, the TM Series does not require scanning. Instead, a target can be simply placed within the measuring range to perform multi-point measurement. This provides both shorter tact time and improved accuracy, because the accuracy of laser scanning is limited by the precision of its mechanical movement.

In addition, the capability of the TM Series to take measurements at multiple points simultaneously is a significant advancement over conventional methods. For example, it can take a considerable amount of time to measure multiple points with a laser scan micrometer, as it involves moving the micrometer to each measurement point. In contrast, the TM Series can take up to 16 measurements at once.

Another benefit of the TM Series is its wide measuring range. As opposed to conventional methods that require time consuming adjustments if the illumination or camera is interfered with, the TM Series allows for fast and easy adjustment.

More information

Keyence is a leading supplier of sensors, measuring systems, machine vision systems and more. The company has developed a reputation for offering superior technology and exceptional support, including application assistance and live product demonstrations.

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