REDwire Keyence offers handheld DPM code reader with ‘unprecedented’ speed

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Keyence's SR-G100 Series Handheld DPM Code Reader offers unprecedented high-speed scanning and efficiency.

Many handheld DPM code readers face challenges that can hinder production. For example, they are often slow and unstable, which can result in errors. Reading results may vary based on the operator’s skills, and it is often difficult for users to determine the best settings. But Keyence has developed a solution to these common issues. 

Its new SR-G100 Series Handheld DPM Code Reader offers unprecedented high-speed scanning and efficiency. Among the many advantages offered by the cutting-edge tool are high-speed and stable reading, as well as easy operation and configuration, overcoming many of the common challenges faced by handheld code readers. 

High-speed scanning

The SR-G100 Series is capable of reading codes at remarkable speeds. This is possible thanks to the automatic selection of optimal lighting and multi-lighting control functions. The reader features polarizing illumination, which removes glare from metal, black, resin and more. It also features multi-angle lights and partial lighting for use on metal cylinders and cast surfaces. 

Easy to use

The scanner is easily customized to the user’s specifications. Automatic tuning is done just by pushing the function button and reading a code. In addition, it features an ergonomic shape and a centre of gravity design that encourages optimal positioning for each user. By naturally inducing flat positioning, the SR-G100 reduces the need to worry about variations between users, as well as variations in code marking styles. This makes it possible for anyone to perform stable reading.

The device’s configuration software allows users to easily customize settings, with up to 12 different custom settings available. The user starts by simply selecting one of the connection interface options — USB or Ethernet connections — and then selecting a charging/ power method, with or without a rechargeable battery pack. 

More details

The SR-G100 Series Handheld DPM Code Reader is wireless, and can be used on-site without the need for a PC. It is compatible with a variety of communication protocols, including EtherNet/IPTM and Profinet. 

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Keyence Canada

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