REDwire Keyence measurement system offers accurate measurement in seconds

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The IM Series image dimension measuring system offers “place-and-press” measurement in seconds.

Keyence, a leading supplier of sensors and measuring systems, has earned a reputation for developing innovative and reliable products to meet its customers’ needs. It’s no surprise, then, that the world-class company is behind the IM Series image dimension measuring system, an innovative system that offers accurate “place-and-press” measurement in seconds. 

The IM Series will change the customer’s measurement operations dramatically, Keyence explains, because it offers “overwhelming measurement speed and high measurement accuracy”, as well as a whole host of other advantages.
Reduced measurement time

Features that make the IM Series a critical measurement tool are its simplicity and speed, two factors that drastically reduce measurement time. The user simply places the item to be measured in the measurement field, and presses the “Measure” button. This simple operation enables up to 99 features to be measured in seconds. 

This is all possible thanks to the system’s advanced technology. The IM Series features Keyence’s specifically designed lens, which combin a wide field of view to capture the entire part, with an auto-focus capability to ensure the part is always in focus. 

“This allows for optimal accuracy at all times without worrying about setup,” the company explains. “Measurement is completed in a short time because all features are measured after the entire image is captured.”

The system also allows batch measurement to further reduce measurement time. This feature enables the dimensions of up to 100 components on the stage to be measured simultaneously, regardless of orientation.

Additional advantages

There are many benefits to using the IM Series image dimension measuring system, in addition to its speed and accuracy. Other advantages include the elimination of operator error due to the system’s simple operation and advanced features. In addition, the system allows easy data management, a network communication function and software to improve its usability further.

More information

The lineup includes four models — a wide field and adjustable illumination version, a wide field version, a high precision model, and a general purpose model — ensuring the company has the solution to meet its customers’ needs. 


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