REDwire Keyence helps customers overcome common code reading challenges with the SR-1000 Series

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The SR-1000 Series code reader from Keyence offers many automated features.

For customers looking for a way to handle code reading challenges, Keyence has the answer. The company’s SR-1000 Series code reader offers solutions to three common code reading issues: inability to mount at the desired distance, unknown optimum settings, and glare that causes code reading failure. The SR-1000 is designed to solve these issues automatically, and it is available with a range of options that further enhance its capabilities for particular applications.

SR-1000 features

The SR-1000 is a 1D and 2D code reader that offers a field of view 4.5 times greater than conventional models. The SR-1000 can be mounted at any distance, up to a maximum of 1,000 millimetres, thanks to its autofocus capabilities. This enables a single reader to handle targets of different heights, and ensures a safe movement range for a robotic arm.

The SR-1000 also features automatic tuning, which takes the guesswork out of finding the optimum settings. The reader automatically determines the best settings for exposure time, image processing filter and more. The various settings can be used in approximately 750,000 different combinations.

To accommodate glare, the reader offers automatic polarization. This eliminates the need for traditional solutions, such as angle adjustments or external lighting. The reader performs all of these automatic functions at the press of a single button, so setup is quick and simple. 

Optional attachments

SR-1000 Series code readers are now available with a new lineup of options. They include a high resolution attachment, a reflector attachment and an adjustable bracket. The high resolution attachment enables stable reading of codes with a minimum resolution of 0.025 mm (0.001 inches). The reflector attachment eliminates the effects of glare, providing the capability to read codes printed on surfaces with a mirror-finish. Lastly, the adjustable bracket provides flexible mounting with two axes. It offers savings on the costs of jigs and man-hours for installation.

To learn more about the SR-1000 and the wide range of sensing equipment available, visit the Keyence website.


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