REDwire Keyence advanced vision system an ideal choice for any inspection

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The CV-X Series machine vision system from Keyence features state-of-the-art algorithms, fast and simple setup and exceptional versatility.

Keyence makes all types of inspections available with a single device — its CV-X Series machine vision system. Thanks to the system’s state-of-the-art algorithms, fast and simple setup and exceptional versatility, it is the ideal choice for even the most challenging inspection applications.

Its latest model, the CV-X200, uses algorithms that address every inspection requirement, including appearance, dimension, character and 3D measurement. It features the company’s state-of-the-art LumiTrax high-speed camera with integrated ultra high-speed segmented lighting, designed to capture the target workpiece and eliminate the need to select lighting. And, with the addition of the LJ-V7000 Series high-speed 2D/3D laser scanner, 3D profile measurement is possible. 

Thanks to its advanced technology, the CV-X200 is capable of identifying stains, flaws, edge defects and much more very quickly — profiling 64,000 profiles per second. The standard appearance inspection tool detects defects by comparing them to surrounding shading levels. In addition, the system’s edge defect inspection tool is optimized for burr and flaw inspection, and is capable of profiling complex shapes and identifying any large deviations from the profile. The system also features an auto-teach inspection tool that learns to ignore any variations that exist in non-defective workpieces.  

The CV-X200 offers the “highest resolution in the industry”, as it is compatible with 21 megapixel cameras. This ensures the system can detect hard-to-spot issues such as minute defects, or defects in a large target area, resulting in higher accuracy. 

Twenty-four varieties of image enhancement filters are provided with CV-X200 to compensate for changes in inspection conditions caused by workpiece finish and external environments. The options include filters for scratch defect extraction, noise isolation, contrast expansion and more. 
For dimension inspection, the tool detects up to 5,000 edges and provides their widths and positions. It can also measure tip position, peak-to-peak width, as well as maximum, minimum and average widths. Lastly, the CV-X system also features stable, reliable character recognition and code reading tools. 

For more information on the many features of the CV-X Series machine vision system and the CV-X200 model, contact Keyence Canada.


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