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Ken Forging recommends regular inspection of safety swivel hoist rings.

When Ken Forging was founded 46 years ago, the company earned a reputation for its superior quality eyebolts. Today, the domestic manufacturer produces one of the broadest selections of forged hardware available from its Jefferson, Ohio-based facility. This lineup includes safety swivel hoist rings.

Safety first

Ken Forging’s safety swivel hoist rings are available in metric, longbar and standard U-Bar types, and in capacities up to 50,000 pounds. Made with AISI 4140 steel alloy with a black oxide finish, these swivel hoists have the same reputation for quality as all of the company’s products. This is thanks to Ken Forging’s strict attention to detail and safety. For example, its hoist rings are thoroughly checked to ensure they are always free of defects. Its products undergo 100 per cent magnetic particle inspection, and all other load bearing parts are inspected to ASTM E709-08 and MIL-STD-105 standards with zero permissible defects. In addition, the company performs 200 per cent proof-load testing on all of its hoist rings.

And while Ken Forging is committed to ensuring its products are safe before they get to customers, the company also wants to ensure they remain safe with the end-user. That’s why Ken Forging recommends regular inspection for wear and strict adherence to user instructions to prevent failure. The company also offers this advice:

  • Never exceed the rated capacity on hoist rings.
  • Make sure the hoist ring pivots and rotates in all directions freely.
  • Tighten mounting screws to torque recommended, and periodically check torque to ensure that screws have not become loose.
  • Do not apply shock loads. Always lift gradually.
  • Tensile strength of parent material should be above 80,000 PSI to achieve full load rating. For weaker material, consider through-hole mounting with a nut and washer on the other side.

More offerings

In addition to eyebolts and safety swivel hoist rings, Ken Forging manufactures threaded rod ends, eye nuts, turnbuckle bodies, fittings, forged D-Rings, T-Slot nuts, wedges and a line of forged steel machine strap clamps, as well as custom forgings up to 250 pounds. Products in its portfolio are available in many sizes and finishes.

To learn more, contact Ken Forging.


Ken Forging

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