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NISCO offers a selection of VFDs from top manufacturers.

Variable frequency drives (VFD) are essentially controllers that drive electric motors by varying the voltage and frequency that goes into them. There are many advantages to using such drives, including energy and cost savings, as well as enhanced performance. These benefits were highlighted in a recent blog posted on Northern Industrial Supply Company’s website. 

Significant savings

By varying the voltage and frequency that goes into an electric motor with variable frequency drives, huge savings can be seen. This is because VFDs can be adjusted to meet the needs of the application. If an application doesn’t require the motor to run at full speed, the drive decreases the frequency and voltage to meet the needs of the motor’s load. As needs change, the VFD can simply increase the frequency and voltage to meet the application’s speed requirements. 

The potential for savings here is huge, since a great amount of electrical energy is used for motors, according to the NISCO blog, which cites some numbers from the U.S. For example, experts in the U.S. estimate that up to 65 per cent of electrical energy used is for motors. Of that amount, 75 per cent is for compressor loads, as well as variable torque fans and pumps, the blog explains. Furthermore, 18 per cent of energy that goes to the approximate 40 million motors operated in the U.S. could be saved by employing variable frequency drives, as well as other efficient-energy technologies. Currently, only a small percentage are using VFDs, so the opportunity for savings is there.

Another advantage of VFDs is enhanced performance. According to the blog, “these drives have the ability to increase quality for flow, acceleration, pressure, speed, monitoring, tension, torque and temperature in both commercial and industrial applications.”

In addition, VFDs are capable of running a motor in a specialized pattern, which can minimize stress electrically and mechanically, resulting in smoother acceleration and deceleration.

A leading supplier

NISCO supplies high-quality and dependable air handling equipment and products to the industrial and process markets. Its portfolio includes a selection of VFDs, including such top brands as Toshiba, Vacon, Weg and Teco-Westinghouse. The available models offer energy-saving features, tighter process control and lower maintenance.  

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