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Filtermist products are available in Canada through Rotem.

Manufacturers must take certain measures to ensure the safety of their workplace and employees. For metalworkers, oil mist eliminators are critical tools to support this effort. They are designed to efficiently remove oil mist, coolant mist, fume and steam in metalworking shops, making a cleaner, safer environment for employees.

Keeping Canadian shops clean and well ventilated

One of the leading brands of mist collectors is Filtermist, which has been offering reliable oil mist removal across the globe since 1969. These units remove oil mist at the source, and clean air is then returned to the machine and workplace. They come in a variety of types, sizes and mounting options, so each user can customize the system to their exact needs.

In Canada, Filtermist products are available through Rotem, a company known for delivering high-quality products to Canadian metalworking manufacturers. Rotem carries a wide selection of Filtermist systems, including:

  • The S Series: Three ultra-compact oil mist collectors with airflows ranging from 180 m3/hr to 950 m3/hr.
  • The FX Series: Four compact oil mist collectors with airflows from 1,250 m3/hr to 2,750 m3/hr.
  • The S Fusion: A neat oil mist collector designed to remove submicron particles generated in neat oil applications by combining a synthetic self-draining media filter with Filtermist’s proven centrifugal technology.
  • Pre-filters: These units separate solid oil mist particles to optimize performance.
  • Afterfilters: These units are designed to purify exhaust air before returning it to the workplace.
  • Stands: These are available in low level, floor and machine tool varieties.

Superior service

Rotem is known for its large stock of metalworking and wire-related products, including Filtermist products. However, the company is also known for its exceptional customer service — a quality its customers have grown to expect from the leading supplier over the last 50-plus years. 

“Wide selection of quality products, fast turnaround on orders, and customer service — that is what we strive to deliver and that is what you will get when you call Rotem,” the company explains.

To learn more, contact Rotem.


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