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A wide range of drop-forged turnbuckles are available from Ken Forging.

A wide range of drop-forged turnbuckles are available from Ken Forging, a leading manufacturer of drop-forged industrial hardware. The large selection includes a variety of turnbuckle assemblies, bodies and fittings produced using a number of different materials and finishes, such as carbon steel, stainless steel and galvanized steel. The sheer number of options can be overwhelming to the uninitiated buyer, so here are some basics on turnbuckles to get started. 

Turnbuckle basics

Turnbuckles are also sometimes referred to as bottlescrews or stretching screws. They are used as a way to adjust the length or tension of cables, ropes, tie rods and more. They typically consist of two eyebolts that are threaded into the ends of a metal frame known as the turnbuckle body. By rotating the body, both of the bolts get screwed either in or out simultaneously. This allows the tension to be adjusted without twisting the attached cables or ropes.

Turnbuckle applications

Turnbuckles are used in many different applications spanning industries from construction to aerospace. For instance, some common applications in construction range from supporting fences to structural elements in buildings. Some of the other diverse applications include the tensioning and adjustment of shipping riggings and lashings, theatrical rigging, and flight control systems. 

Standard turnbuckle options

Ken Forging’s selection of turnbuckle fittings includes eye, jaw and stub styles. Turnbuckle assemblies can be provided with a number of fitting combinations, such as jaw and eye. 

Some of the materials Ken Forging can work with include carbon steel grades C1018 through C1045; stainless steels 304 and 316 series; and alloy steels 4140, F11 and F22. The finishes available include plain, hot dip or electro galvanized, and electro polished. 

The ideal source for any turnbuckle

As a fully integrated metalworking company, Ken Forging can supply forgings to meet customer specifications up to a maximum of 250 pounds. The family owned company performs a range of in-house operations to provide customers with top quality products in unparalleled turnaround times.

For more information on turnbuckles and the wide range of products available from Ken Forging, visit the company website.


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