REDwire Joystick controller offers extreme strength and reliability

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The JC8000 Multi-Axis Joystick Controller is available from Durham Instruments.

The JC8000 Multi-Axis Joystick Controller from Penny+Giles is known for its robust design, reliability, extreme strength and functionality. It’s what makes this rugged controller, which is available in Canada through Durham Instruments, a top choice for many demanding operator control applications.

Best-in-class features

The JC8000 is available with one- or two-axis configurations, single- or dual-axis control, analog or digital outputs, and a range of ergonomic handle designs to meet the needs of each operator and application. A “base only” option is also available if the operator requires custom grips to be fitted.

The body of the joystick maintains an overall minimum under-panel depth, while the shaft pivot-point position has been designed to be as low as possible, allowing it to take up minimum space. But don’t be fooled by its compact size, as this controller offers high lever strength and superb proportional control. A centre detent means the joystick is guaranteed to return to the centre, offering easier operation for the operator. In addition, the controller includes a non-contact Hall effect sensing system for maximum operational life of five million cycles, and electronic robustness with an IP69k rating for the internal PCB. Another bonus: it is easily installed and interchangeable with earlier models, the JC600 and JC6000.

More information

The JC8000 offers high mechanical strength for very demanding applications and working conditions. Ideal applications include skid steer loader controls, off-highway vehicles and more.

The joystick is available in Canada from Durham Instruments, a leading supplier of superior quality measuring instruments from world-class manufacturers like Penny+Giles. In addition to these high-quality joysticks, Durham Instruments carries a range of the company’s display and panel meters, sensors and inclinometers. 

To learn more, contact Durham Instruments.


Durham Instruments

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