REDwire IPEX technology detects leaks immediately

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Centra-Guard features self-contained capacitive proximity sensors connected to a NEMA4 enclosed panel.

Certain industrial environments demand failsafe systems. Double containment systems from IPEX Inc. offer the reliability required for such applications. 

But sometimes double containment protection alone is not enough. In these applications, it is imperative that leaks are immediately detected and located to mitigate damage. IPEX can help. Its double containment systems can be equipped with the company’s patented Centra-Guard leak detection system, an advanced, fully automated, reliable, cost-effective solution that offers protection against environmental damage and the high cost of cleanup and lost production.

How it works

Centra-Guard features self-contained capacitive proximity sensors connected to a NEMA4 enclosed panel with both audible and visual signals. The sensors are attached to the containment pipe, and able to immediately detect any changes in the electrical properties caused by contact with a liquid. This sets off an alarm, alerting operators that a leak has been detected. The advanced system is also able to pinpoint the leak’s location.  

Ideal applications

IPEX Centra-Guard systems are available for below-grade piping systems, with sensors located in drip leg assemblies, as well as above-ground, suspended piping applications, with sensors housed in saddle-type clamps. Cable-type leak detection is also available. 

A history of quality

Centra-Guard is just another example of the type of progressive manufacturing technologies IPEX has been producing for the past 50 years. Solutions like Centra-Guard and the company’s line of double containment systems have made the IPEX name synonymous with quality, innovation and performance.

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Centra-Guard is a trademark of IPEX Branding Inc.


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