REDwire IPEX offers a lineup of process piping systems for industrial applications

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Ipex offers process piping systems to meet the needs of industry.

IPEX Inc. prides itself on building tough products for tough environments. Its process piping systems are no exception. The company offers a variety of systems designed to meet the needs of any industrial environment.

IPEX developed the Xirtec140 (PVC) and Corzan (CPVC) systems to meet industry demands for a complete pipe, valves and fittings (PVF) package that is designed, produced and backed by a single manufacturer. These systems are engineered and manufactured to IPEX’s strict quality, performance and dimensional standards, and therefore eliminate the problems inherent in purchasing and installing piping system components manufactured by several different companies.

Clear-Guard high-pressure, clear PVC pipes are also part of the company’s lineup of products. High-pressure, clear PVC pipe with Schedule 40 pressure ratings are higher than competing Schedule 80 products. The pipes provide a cost-effective multi-purpose solution for many different piping applications. They are lightweight, flexible and durable, and offer exceptional corrosion resistance and clarity, which provides 360-degree visibility for several applications, including dual-containment, cleanroom and site glass applications. 

The company offers Enpure high-purity polypropylene piping systems, which eliminate the potential for contamination during the conveyance of ultra-pure liquids. The pipe is manufactured from an FDA-approved, natural, virgin polypropylene and copolymer that can handle corrosive liquids at temperatures from zero to 200 degrees F. Because Enpure components are designed as an integrated socket fusion system, no contaminants are created in joining, making connections as clean as any other part of the system.

Duraplus ABS industrial piping systems are ideal for handling abrasive slurries, separation reagents, caustics, low-temperature glycol and many other demanding substances, both indoors and outdoors. Duraplus is made from a specially formulated acrylonitrile copolymer, exhibiting high impact strength, outstanding ductility, broad chemical resistance and long-term UV resistance at operating temperatures from -40 to 158 degrees F, and pressures from 75 to 230 psi (rated at 73 degrees F).

IPEX also offers a complete range of cements, primers and applicators, designed to ensure the integrity of the application. IPEX brand cements are formulated to the highest standards in the industry, and manufactured with the strictest quality control. 

IPEX ventilation ducts — available in PVC and CPVC — safely convey exhaust fumes generated by various industrial processes, protecting workers and avoiding any inherent dangers to the environment from contaminated air. They are available in six- through 24-inch sizes.

Contact IPEX Inc. for more information on its lineup of process piping systems. 

Xirtec140 (PVC), Clear-Guard, Enpure and Duraplus ABS are trademarks of IPEX Branding Inc. Corzan is a registered trademark of the Lubrizol Corp.


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