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IPEX offers a broad variety of products for plumbing and mechanical applications.

The piping systems used in plumbing and mechanical applications vary greatly. Often these systems must meet special requirements. Whether the job involves combustible or noncombustible construction, or high pressures and temperatures, IPEX can provide thermoplastic piping solutions to meet the need.

IPEX offers a broad variety of products for plumbing and mechanical applications. The company’s complete, integrated solutions are used in commercial, institutional, industrial and residential construction. Its products for plumbing and mechanical applications include systems for potable water piping, water service, drain, waste and vent (DWV), flue gas venting and fire protection.

Potable water distribution

IPEX can supply potable water piping systems such as AquaRise. This hot and cold water piping system is suitable for commercial, industrial and high buildings, and features top quality design and manufacturing. The system offers numerous benefits over metal with a system that’s fully approved for noncombustible applications.

Water service

For water service, the company offers Gold901 tubing. This water service tubing is lightweight, but can handle pressure up to 200 psi. Gold901 is also easy to install and can be used for both municipal and private projects. 

DWV systems

From underground parking garages to hospitals and high buildings, more and more mechanical contractors and engineers are switching to IPEX for a long-lasting DWV solution. The company manufactures System 15 and System XFR. These DWV Systems provide reliability, resist corrosion and are lighter than their metal counterparts, making them easier to handle and install. 

Gas venting systems

The company provides System 636 to meet the requirements of the ULC S636 venting standard. It includes certified pipes, fittings and cements. The system is available in two varieties: PVC for temperatures up to 65 degrees C, and CPVC for temperatures up to 90 degrees C. 

Fire protection

IPEX also manufactures BlazeMaster, a CPVC piping system for fire sprinklers. This product meets even the most stringent building requirements for combustible pipes, including low flame spread, low smoke generation, and high flash ignition temperature. That is why BlazeMaster has been approved for more applications than any other nonmetallic system. 

More information

All of IPEX’s products are backed with full technical support and onsite troubleshooting. 

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