REDwire IPEX Inc. industrial products: An ideal fit for water and wastewater applications

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Ipex pipe, valves and fittings systems are well-suited for use in water and wastewater treatment facilities.

As a leading supplier of industrial piping products, IPEX offers a comprehensive range of integrated solutions designed to meet the needs of many applications, including those in water and wastewater facilities. 

The company’s pipe, valves and fittings (PVF) systems are well-suited for use in water and wastewater treatment facilities because they are constructed of non-corroding properties, which ensures long-term performance coupled with low maintenance costs. In addition, they are lightweight, which makes them cost effective and easy to install in water and wastewater facilities. 

The company’s PVF systems are used in many water and wastewater applications today, including:

Chemical distribution: Water and wastewater treatment plants require that chemicals be transported from storage tanks to the points of use. IPEX offers PVF systems resistant to the broad range of chemicals used in this application. Its products have been successfully used in the transportation of many chemicals, including iron compounds such as ferric chloride, aluminum sulphate, hydrogen peroxide, potassium permanganate, sulphur dioxide, sodium hydroxide and sodium hypochlorite. The IPEX products typically used in chemical distribution applications include Xirtec 140 PVC and Corzan CPVC. For added protection, the Centra-Guard electronic low point leak detection system is often used to detect leaks and prevent groundwater contamination.

Aeration: IPEX products are used throughout North America in the aeration process, in both warm and cool climates, thanks to their strength, ductility and cost efficiency. Suitable products for this application include the company’s Xirtec140 PVC, Corzan CPVC (warmer climate), and Duraplus Industrial ABS.

Emergency fuel supply: CustomGuard double containment piping systems are a great solution for the conveyance of diesel fuel. Customers can add additional peace of mind with the company’s Centra-Guard automated leak detection system.

Treated wastewater discharge: Once treated at the plant, water can be discharged into the environment. IPEX PVC is the ideal solution for transporting treated water from the plant to the appropriate discharge point. IPEX PVC is available in sizes up to 60 inches (1,500 mm) in diameter.

Flow control: The company’s line of corrosion-resistant valves is one of the most comprehensive ranges of thermoplastic actuated valves available today. Whether a valve is required for isolation, diversion, control or throttling, IPEX has a solution with one of its ball, butterfly, diaphragm, check and specialty valves, which are available in such corrosion-resistant materials as PVC, CPVC, PP, PVDF and ABS. 

To learn more about how its products can benefit water and wastewater facilities, contact IPEX

Products manufactured by IPEX Inc., Xirtec140, Duraplus, CustomGuard, Enpure, Centra-Guard and Guardian, are trademarks of IPEX Branding Inc. Corzan is a registered trademark of the Lubrizol Corporation.


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