REDwire IPEX features extensive line of check valves

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Check valves are the ideal solution when there is a need to prevent back-flow of process media.

Check valves are the ideal solution when there is a need to prevent back-flow of process media — when two incompatible fluids cannot be allowed to mix, or when reverse flow would cause undesirable drainage of a system line or tank. 

Many styles of check valves exist, including simple ball checks, heavy-duty swing checks and highly efficient piston checks. These valves are typically gravity-operated and require very little back pressure to seal. 

Check valves are part of IPEX Inc.’s line of thermoplastic valves, which includes: 

  • EasyFit SXE Series Ball Check Valves. The SXE is a complement to the VXE and VEE ball valve product lines, with many of the same features that provide trouble-free service for industrial, OEM and water service applications. A true union design allows for simple maintenance, while the EasyFit multi-function handle can be used as a tool for ball seal carrier adjustment, and for tightening union nuts precisely. The internal design is optimized for maximum flow and minimum turbulence, preventing ball sticking and chatter. The SXE is available in PVC and CPVC, with either EPDM or FPM seals.
  • SSE Series Spring-Assisted Check Valves. The all new SSE complements the SXE ball check valves, which introduce an advanced method of installation, providing trouble-free service for industrial, OEM and water service applications. The internal profile of the SSE, combined with the spring-assisted contoured ball, gives the advantage of trouble-free vertical and horizontal installations, even if only very low back pressure is available. The innovative SSE EasyFit design features a custom labelling system, while the optional EasyFit multi-functional handle allows for union nut rotational control and safe blocked carrier tightening. The SSE is available in PVC with a standard 316SS spring, and either EPDM or FPM seals. The spring is also available in PTFE encapsulated 316SS and Hastelloy, depending on the size.
  • VR Series Piston Check Valves. The VR features an all PVC construction of high-performance components. This Y-pattern valve will perform equally as well in both vertical and horizontal orientations. With an increased flow rate yet low-return pressure positive seal and top-entry maintenance, the VR piston check valve far exceeds the limited performance of other popular check valves. Both EPDM and FPM seals are available.
  • SC Series Swing Check Valves. The SC combines superior flow rate with maximum versatility. With stainless wetted parts and hardware, top entry design, and extremely low back pressure requirements, these flanged valves are the perfect choice for back-flow prevention in large diameter lines, both vertical and horizontal. The SC is available in PVC with either EPDM or Viton seals.
  • VA Series Air Release (Vent) Valves. The VA is one of only two such plastic valves in the industry, and the only one controlled by media and not pressure. Designed for tanks, slurries or startups, the VA valve will economically and efficiently eliminate air or gas pockets as well as break potentially dangerous vacuums. This no-spill valve is offered in PVC with EPDM seals. FPM sealing kits are also available.

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