REDwire IPEX diaphragm valves offer precise control

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Diaphragm valves, part of IPEX Inc.’s line of thermoplastic valves, are the perfect solution when precise flow throttling is required.

Diaphragm valves are the perfect solution when precise flow throttling is required. The weir style design — no dead space in the valve — is ideal for abrasive slurries, and they are widely used in high purity applications because their design prevents friction and subsequent particle creation when cycling. 

Diaphragm valves, part of IPEX Inc.’s line of thermoplastic valves, are available in a variety of body and material options, as well as simple pneumatic actuation. The company’s lineup includes:

  • VM series weir-style diaphragm valves are available in PVC, CPVC, PP or PVDF, four body styles, and three choices of diaphragms (EPDM, FPM, or PTFE). Able to be mounted in any position, the VM is ideal for either very clean or abrasive slurry applications. A unique and proprietary PTFE diaphragm design, available automation and multiple accessories make this one of the most advanced and versatile lines in the industry. (Pressure: up to 150 PSI at 73 degrees F depending on the size; Size: ½ to four inches)
  • DM Series diaphragm valves are available in both PVC and CPVC. And with either an EPDM or FPM diaphragm, its rugged construction allows the ultra-compact DM to handle even extremely aggressive media. The direct operation of the diaphragm does not require a closing spring, which makes the small DM particularly suitable when space is at a premium. (Pressure: up to 115 PSI at 73 degrees F depending on the available control pressure; Size: ½ to two inches)
  • DV Series diaphragm valves are ideal for throttling or use in abrasive slurry lines. The raising position indicator also functions as an adjustable travel stop. This feature can be used to avoid over-compression of the EPDM or PTFE diaphragm, or as a travel limiter allowing different settings for the closed position. The moulded flanged body eliminates potentially leaky joints while featuring end-to-end dimensions identical to most plastic-lined metal diaphragm valves, allowing for direct replacement. (Pressure: up to 150 PSI at 73 degrees F depending on the size; Size: ½ to six inches)
  • CM Series compact diaphragm valves feature a compact design with true union ends, available in PVC, CPVC, PP or PVDF. With three diaphragm options (EPDM, FPM or PTFE), these manually operated or pneumatically actuated valves are ideal for OEMs. A standard position indicator and integrated mounting bushings complete the long list of features. (Pressure: up to 90 PSI at 73 degrees F; Size: ½ inch in PVC and CPVC, 16 to 20 mm in PP and PVDF)

IPEX diaphragm valves can be pneumatically actuated, providing precise control of critical applications. The normally closed (fail close), normally open (fail open) and double acting VM valves make up one of the most extensive ranges in the industry. The actuated CM provides a compact solution to automated needs, while the DM employs an efficient direct acting design. All pneumatic diaphragm valves can be outfitted with many options and accessories, including stroke limiters, optical and electric position indicators, electro-pneumatic positioners, pilot valves and various combinations.

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