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L. & M.’s 50,000-square-foot facility features space to store, manage and ship machined parts and components.

L. & M. Precision Products produces high-quality, precision-machined products and components for its growing list of customers. The Toronto-based company has the capability and the capacity to produce and stock large orders over the period of a year, which is an economical and convenient option for many companies.

Stock and release

L. & M.’s 50,000-square-foot facility features space to store, manage and ship machined parts and components. Its computerized inventory control system enables it to produce and store a client’s yearly product requirements and create a release schedule that meets their needs, whether it’s a weekly, monthly or customized shipment schedule. This is not only a convenient solution for annual quantities because it eliminates the concern of not having a critical component when it’s required, but it is also an economical solution because the pricing is locked in for the year, with no risk of an increase.

State-of-the-art equipment

L. & M. has the capability and capacity to take large volume orders, and produce and store large runs thanks to the cutting-edge equipment it uses. Its extensive high-precision machining equipment inventory includes more than 70 first-operation, state-of-the-art screw machines and tools for producing large and small volume runs of high-quality custom-machined components. It can handle all levels of complexities with its equipment, which includes single-spindle, multiple-spindle, rotary transfer and CNC machines.

The company also has a fully equipped and staffed secondary operations department featuring Brown and Sharpe single-spindle secondary operation automatic screw machines and CNC vertical machining centres. L. & M.’s capabilities include machining, milling, assembly, thread rolling, drilling, tapping, broaching, centreless and plunge grinding, and more.

Additional capabilities

The company employs professional licensed engineers with more than 60 years of combined experience. This team uses specialized engineering and estimating software programs, combined with their extensive expertise, to provide invaluable engineering support to customers, while improving part functionality and reducing manufacturing costs.

To learn more about its extensive capabilities, contact L. & M. Precision Products.


L & M Precision Products Inc

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