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Megger offers a range of easy-to-use electrical testing equipment.

Megger Limited supplies a variety of electrical testing instruments designed for safety and ease of use. These products can result in faster and easier workflow for a range of testing applications. In addition, the intuitive designs and safety features of Megger products have made them the testers of choice for some providers of electrical training. For example, Able Skills, a U.K.-based electrical training provider, is a regular user of Megger testing equipment.

A blog post on the Able Skills website reported, “We believe that Megger provides the best testers for our students to train with.”

According to the company, the simple-to-use equipment helps students learn various aspects of electrical testing and gain the qualifications needed to become electricians.

Able Skills provides a variety of electrical training ranging from basic introductory courses to the design and verification of electrical installations. Its students range from those new to the electrical industry to experienced electricians looking for additional qualifications.

Simple testing equipment

One example of the intuitive testing equipment available from Megger is the DLRO-H200 Hand-Held Micro-ohmmeter. This product can measure resistance for a variety of high-current links such as bus-bar joints and circuit breaker contacts. It offers high safety with its DualGround test capabilities. That means the test object is grounded on both sides during the test for increased safety and testing efficiency.

This micro-ohmmeter also features a lightweight and rugged design. The unit can perform testing all day without needing a recharge and can store up to 190 test values. The test data can be transferred to a PC via Bluetooth. The PowerDB Lite software package is also included with the DLRO-H200 as standard. The software makes it easy to store, analyze and archive test results.

For more information on the wide range of easy-to-use equipment available from Megger Limited, visit the company’s website.


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