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A hall effect sensor is a transducer that varies its output voltage in response to changes in magnetic field.

A position sensor is a device that measures the position of an object. More specifically, it works by sensing how far a body has moved from its initial position. These devices collect physical data from their surroundings and convert them into electrical signals to be inputted into a computer as digital signals, which are then converted to meaningful information. 

There are many different types of position sensors, including potentiometric, capacitive, linear voltage, differential transformers, magnetoresistive, eddy current-based position sensors, hall effect-based magnetic position sensors, fibre-optic position sensors and optical position sensors. 

A hall effect sensor, for example, is a transducer that varies its output voltage in response to changes in magnetic field. Hall sensors are used for proximity switching, positioning, speed detection and current sensing applications. Meanwhile, a potentiometer is a three-terminal resistor with a sliding contact that forms an adjustable voltage divider. It can be used as a voltage divider to obtain a manually adjustable output voltage at the slider (wiper) from a fixed input voltage applied across the two ends of the pot. Magnetoresistive sensors, on the other hand, are measured by the change of the resistivity of a current carrying ferromagnetic material due to a magnetic field. Click here for more information on the different types of position sensors.

Position sensors are essential components in a wide range of applications, including injection moulding machines, packaging machines, precision medical equipment and more. They are likely an essential component in more than one application on your shop floor.

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