REDwire Intrinsically safe flashlight offers superior ergonomics and performance

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The 3AA and 3C eLED CPO intrinsically safe flashlights are lightweight and ergonomic.

ECOM Instruments is known for its line of intrinsically safe mobile devices. Many of the company’s products, including its 3AA and 3C eLED CPO intrinsically safe flashlights, are now available in Canada from Process Instruments & Components. These flashlights combine a lightweight design and reliable performance, and the result is a rugged instrument that can safely handle even the most challenging environments.

Top features and advantages

The 3AA and 3C eLED CPO intrinsically safe flashlights are lightweight and ergonomic, but they are also long-lasting — a combination that results in superior performance. This is thanks to the flashlights’ Proprietary Compound Path Optics (CPO), which permits high efficiency and a compact size.

Some of the flashlights’ other best-in-class features and benefits include:

  • Easy to use: Though the 3AA and 3C eLED CPO are the smallest intrinsically safe flashlights, they are easy to handle, even if the user is wearing thick gloves, thanks to the units’ large push button switch.
  • Portable: The 3AA eLED CPO can be mounted to any helmet or hard hat by simply using a helmet clip, while the 3C eLED CPO is equipped with an ergonomic and very strong belt clip for easy access and portability.
  • Very little peripheral light: Thanks to the units’ proprietary Compound Path Optics (CPO), their beams produce a bright spot with almost no peripheral light, so nearby personnel are not affected.
  • Thermal recovery: They feature a thermal recovery system designed to recycle heat from the LED to warm batteries for improved performance in low temperatures.
  • Durable: The units features high impact ABS, LEXAN and polyurethane rubber construction for durability.

Flashlight details

The 3AA eLED CPO flashlight offers a brightness of 110 lumens at a distance of 304 feet. It can burn for up to eight hours on the three AA batteries provided. The 3C eLED CPO, on the other hand, offers a brightness of 125 lumens at a distance of 500 feet. It can run for up to 32 hours on three C alkaline batteries.

These units are available in Canada from Process Instruments & Components, an established Canadian industrial controls distributor based in Markham, Ont. To learn more, contact Process Instruments & Components.


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