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OptiMet by HBM is available in Canada from Durham Instruments.

HBM has completed its range of electrical and optical strain gauges with the OptiMet by HBM system of fibre-optic components. Available in Canada from Durham Instruments, these units can come with an integrated Bragg grating measurement function, which is considered superior to their electrical equivalents in many applications.

The advantages

There are many benefits to using Bragg grating-based strain gauges over electrical strain gauges. They enable measurement of high strain values with good resistance to alternating loads, as well as immunity against electromagnetic fields. They are suitable for use in potentially explosive atmospheres, and offer immunity against the effects of humid environments. In addition, they are faster and more cost-efficient to install.

The lineup

HBM’s OptiMet systems are single-mode optical fibres with integrated functional grids used for transmitting measurement data. The available units include:

  • HBM FiberSensing OptiMet-OMF (optical fibre with Bragg gratings): Ideal for use in laboratory applications, this unit has 13 fibre Bragg gratings and offers fibre optic strain measurement with a defined gauge factor. A bending radii up to 2.5 millimetres is possible.
  • HBM FiberSensing OptiMet-PKF (optical fibre with Bragg gratings and rugged coating): This unit has the same capabilities as model OMF, but offers an additional rugged coating that makes it ideal for use outdoors. In addition, a bending radii up to 10 millimetres is possible.

Additional details

Whether in aerospace, geotechnology or pipeline monitoring, efficiency and reliability are guaranteed when using OptiMet by HBM. These units can be used for load testing in component development and materials research, fatigue testing, pipeline monitoring and more.

To learn more about the advantages of these units, contact Durham Instruments.


Durham Instruments

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