REDwire Interface reaction torque transducers available from Durham Instruments

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Durham Instruments carries Interface reaction torque transducers in many styles.

A large selection of Interface torque sensors are available from Durham Instruments, a leading Canadian distributor of high-quality electronic instrumentation, data acquisition and control systems. The lineup includes reaction torque transducers in hollow flange, short flange and square flange varieties, as well as shaft styles, hex drives and many more styles. 

Hollow flange

The TS20 hollow flange reaction torque transducer features a large thru-hole that can be used for routing pneumatic or hydraulic lines, as well as wires. It can also be used to pass a motor or actuator shaft. The transducer has a very short axial length, and can handle capacities from 10 to 200 Nm.

Short flange

The TS19 short hollow flange style reaction torque transducer is ultra-compact, offering the smallest possible flange-to-flange thickness of any reaction torque sensor on the market. Both ends of the transducer feature a flange, and the unit has a capacity of 88.5 to 44.3K lbf-in.

Square flange

The TS15 square flange style transducer features a flange on one side and a female square connection on the other. Ideal for bench-checking socket-style torque wrenches, this transducer offers convenient flange mounting and can handle capacities from 17.7 to 17.7K lbf-in.

Shaft style

The Model TS12 shaft style reaction torque transducer features stainless steel, corrosion-resistant shafts and a compact design, which allows it to be mounted in tight spaces where minimal rotational clearance is required. Using standard couplings, the unit allows convenient shaft-style mounting. It can handle capacities from 0.04 to 177K lb-in.

Hex drive

The TS17 hex drive reaction torque transducer accepts standard hex-style screwdriver bits, which makes it useful for auditing fastener torque and checking screw installation after final assembly. It features a simple operation and no moving parts, and can accommodate capacities from 1.77 to 177 lb-in.

More styles available

Interface has a full line of torque transducers available in Canada from Durham Instruments. The above is a sampling of the wide selection available. Additional styles include miniature reaction torque transducers, miniature shaft style reaction torque transducers and shaft-to-flange style reaction torque transducers.

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