REDwire Interface miniature load cells available from Durham Instruments

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Miniature load cells from Interface are available in Canada from Durham Instruments.

Durham Instruments carries a wide selection of miniature load cells from Interface, a trusted manufacturer of load cells. The company’s load cells are designed to offer better temperature tolerance, longer fatigue life and higher output voltages than competing models, and their compact size allows them to fit in tight spaces.

Many options

The selection of miniature load cells available from Durham Instruments includes compression-only varieties, compression and tension options, as well as those ideal for applications requiring high capacity or overload protection. Some of the many products available include:

  • The Interface SML Low Height Load Cell, available for both tension and compression, offers high performance and low extraneous load sensitivity. The SML is available in capacities starting from five lbf., and heights from ¾ inches. It features Interface’s proprietary temperature-compensated strain gauges, and is overload protected. 
  • The MBP Miniature Beam Overload Protected Load Cell offers 10 times overload protection and a low height. Ideal for medical test machines and a variety of low capacity applications, the load cell is available in capacities from 2.5 to 10 lbf.
  • The WMC Miniature Sealed Stainless Steel Load Cell is Interface's smallest tension and compression load cell. Available in capacities from 1K lbf. to 10K lbf., as well as five to 500 lbf., the load cells are environmentally sealed and feature the company’s proprietary temperature-compensated strain gauges.
  • The WMCFP Miniature Overload Protected Load Cell, available in capacities from 500 to 1000g, features a small, slim housing, female thread mounting, and the company’s proprietary temperature-compensated gauges. The load cell is designed for both tension and compression, and offers overload protection up to eight times capacity. 

Many applications

Thanks to their small size and wide range of capacities, Interface’s load cells are the ideal solution for a variety of applications, including aerospace, pharmaceutical, medical and more.

For additional information on the Interface miniature load cells available from Durham Instruments, visit the company’s website


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