REDwire Interface load cells are environmentally sealed for challenging applications

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Interface environmentally sealed load cells are available from Durham Instruments.

Durham Instruments carries fatigue-rated load cells from Interface. The lineup includes two environmentally sealed models, one of which is certified for explosion protection in hazardous environments. Both types are highly accurate and reliable, the perfect complement to Durham Instruments’ portfolio of high-quality instruments.

SSMF fatigue-rated load cell

The SSMF model is environmentally sealed, and features Interface’s proprietary temperature-compensated strain gauges. Available in capacities ranging from 25 to 2.5K lbf, this unit offers 1x107 fully reversed cycles, 0.02 per cent non-repeatability, and a very low creep of 0.025 per cent. It can operate in temperatures ranging from -55 to 90 degrees C.

Model SSMH intrinsically safe load cell

The SSMH model is environmentally sealed, and certified for explosion protection according to ATEX designations. Thanks to its intrinsically safe design, this load cell is suitable for use in hazardous areas where the introduction of potential ignition sources is not acceptable, including mining applications. It is available in capacities ranging from 50 to 5K lbf, can operate in temperatures between -40 and 150 degrees C and, like model SSMF, offers a very low creep of 0.025 per cent and 0.02 per cent non-repeatability.

A leading supplier

These units are available in Canada from Durham Instruments. The Pickering, Ont.-based distributor carries a wide selection of Interface products, from calibration systems and components, to display and panel meters, load cells, torque sensors and more. In addition to Interface solutions, Durham Instruments carries products from many leading manufacturers.

To learn more, contact Durham Instruments.


Durham Instruments

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