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A special Bergen tool makes Safety Cable installation fast and easy.

Bergen Cable Technology’s Safety Cable offers a user-friendly system for fastener retention. Entry-level technicians can learn how to install it in less than 30 minutes, and will be able to efficiently secure fasteners on even the most difficult components. In fact, installing Safety Cable is so simple and fast, the instructions involve only two steps.

Installation instructions

First, operators must install the cable through fasteners, ferrule and tool. To begin, the cable can be strung through fasteners in either a neutral or positive position. A loose ferrule is then inserted on the cable, and the end of the cable is passed through the tool nose.

The second step is to tension, crimp and cut. To tension the assembly to the preset load, wrap the cable around the tool’s rotary dial and then rotate it. The tool can now crimp the ferrule and cut the cable flush in a single smooth motion.

A revolutionary improvement

This process is a vast improvement over the long and error-prone process of lockwiring. As opposed to the easy-to-use Bergen tool, Lockwire required manually doubling over the wire and twisting it with pliers, all the while maintaining a positive pull on the cable. To “pigtail” the wire, operators had to make no less than four twists. Once installation was finished, the excess wire was cut off and the end was twisted under to avoid snagging.

The significant benefits offered by Safety Cable are why it is used by the most renowned names in aerospace, including NASA, Rolls Royce, General Electric, and Pratt and Whitney.

Ordering information

Bergen Cable Technology can supply most Safety Cable products in small quantities, with a minimum order size of 200 pieces. There are several material options to choose from for the cable and ferrules, such as Inconell 600, 321 stainless steel and 304 stainless steel. 

To determine the length of Safety Cable required for an application, use the following formula: add the longest pattern length to the tool nose length plus seven inches. This will ensure there is enough cable to route through the pattern and then into the tool.

Contact Bergen Cable Technology to learn more about how Safety Cable offers dramatic time savings in cable installation and removal. 


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