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The ROX series is easy to install.

Air quality in the workplace is essential to both worker safety and efficiency. Contaminated air can increase the required maintenance for plant facilities and equipment, and cause health problems among employees. But mist eliminators such as Aeroex Technologies’ ROX series offer an efficient and low maintenance solution capable of removing up to 95 per cent of mists and solids. 

Another bonus is that the ROX series is easy to install — so easy that the installation instructions are available for download on the Aeroex website

The steps include:

1. Mount the mist collector either on top of the machine, on the wall or on a post. Optional wall mount brackets and floor mount stands are available. When mounting, ensure the unit is level and that there is at least 24 inches of free space above. This will provide ample room to open the lid and remove filters for cleaning.

2. Connect the suction intake using either flexible hose or metal ducting. To avoid loss of air flow, use a minimal length. For machining applications, make sure the suction intake is not located in direct line of the cutting spray.

3. Aeroex Technologies recommends using a chip strainer, which is included with the installation kit. Mount the chip strainer in the machine tool enclosure.

4. Connect the two oil drain lines using a five-inch P-trap or loop in the hoses. The loops must be at least eight inches below the connection to the unit. After the P-traps or loops, connect the oil drain lines into one hose. Fill the traps with oil or water to create an air lock.

5. Next, install the motor starter and set the overloads. Then use a flexible cable to connect electrical power to the motor.

6. Lastly, check motor rotation. 

The installation kit includes two 10-foot oil drain hoses, a six-foot suction hose, a machine adaptor flange with hose nipple, as well as the chip strainer. Also available are optional accessories such as a motor starter panel. Contact Aeroex Technologies for more information.


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