REDwire Innovative tote mixer for plastic totes increases quality throughout a product’s life cycle

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The ITM 7000 for plastic totes features unique collapsible impeller technology.

Quality assurance has never been easier thanks to Dynamix. The company’s Integrated Tote Mixer (ITM) Series for plastic totes, available in Canada from York Fluid Controls, enables new products to be mixed and shipped in plastic totes. And, thanks to the mixer’s design, cross-contamination is no longer a concern.

Top features and advantages

The ITM 7000 for plastic totes is part of this series. This portable mixer can be applied at each stage of a product’s life cycle, from processing, storage and shipping, to the end user’s facility.

One of this unit’s major features is unique collapsible impeller technology, which enables mixing previously not possible in tote containers. The collapsible impellers overcome the limitation of the six-inch opening on typical plastic totes. They are capable of internally expanding up to 21 inches in diameter, and feature larger blades to provide the pumping and tank turnover required to bring the product back into specification. When properly sized impellers are used, quality, performance and energy efficiency increase.

The mixer also features dynamic drive coupling with detachable drive and agitator segments. These detachable segments enable single-person installation and removal, and this design allows users to buy a single drive segment and use it on multiple totes with dedicated agitator segments. In addition, the agitators do not need to be cleaned between applications, resulting in reduced cleaning and contamination.

Another key feature is a mount that enables fully enclosed mixing. Many tote mixers do not close the tote opening when mounted. But the ITM mount provides a sealed enclosure, preventing foreign particles and contaminants from entering the tote during mixing, which enables users to control mixing and product quality at their facilities.


The ITM 7000 is available in Canada from York Fluid Controls, a specialty stocking distributor of innovative quality products. Based in Brampton, Ont., the company also carries drum tank mixers, portable tank mixers and small, medium and large tank mixers from Dynamix.

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York Fluid Controls Ltd

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