REDwire Innovative tape can fix or seal virtually any item across a range of industries

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MOCAP's TPE-X Series Silicone X-Treme Tape is a useful tool across many industries.

TPE-X Series Silicone X-Treme Tape, available from MOCAP, is a useful tool across many industries. This flexible tape is extruded from a special high-performance silicone compound under strict ISO Quality Standards, enabling it to be self-fusing, bonding only to itself. This allows it to conform to the shape of any item it’s applied to, creating an air- and watertight seal, or repairing virtually anything. And, when the tape is removed, it doesn’t leave a residue since there is no adhesive.

These features benefit many applications in multiple markets, from automotive, plumbing, communications and marine to electrical, cable wire insulation and aerospace. 

Multiple types to choose from

There are a variety of types of X-Treme Tape available. For example, the original X-Treme Tape is a multi-use product for any company. It enables users to quickly fix leaky pipes, blown hoses and frayed cords, while also insulating, sealing and protecting them.

There is also a version packaged as a “wrap for ducts, joists and hoses”. It is wider and thicker than the original tape, and is designed to handle larger, tougher jobs, like HVAC, dryer vents, vacuum hoses and dust collectors, for example.

X-Treme Tape Marine is another type. It is specially packaged for marine and watercraft markets to form a watertight seal and prevent corrosion on rigging, wiring and hoses.

X-Treme Tape Quick Clamp Wrap is designed to clamp woodwork while glue is drying. It has the capability to hold irregular shapes of raw or finished wood that traditional clamps can’t handle.

Another version of the product is packaged as “the ultimate insulating wrap”. It can insulate to 8,000 volts, and is ideal for the electrical, cable, satellite, wiring and solar installation markets.

Additional details

Though X-Treme Tape can be used in virtually any market, it was developed for the military, which means it can resist extreme environments. It won’t melt when used in temperatures up to 260 degrees C (500 degrees F), has a tensile strength of 600 psi and stretches to three times its length.

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