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The VR-3000 Series 3D Measurement System can scan a large area in as quickly as four seconds.

The Keyence VR-3000 Series 3D Measurement System offers 3D scans over a large area in as little as four seconds. Not only are these measurements done quickly, but they are highly consistent and accurate. This, combined with the system's many best-in-class features, makes it a top choice for many measurement applications.

Far and fast

The VR-3000's maximum measurement range is 100 millimetres by 200 millimetres; however, the system can measure across 30 millimetres in just four seconds with 0.1 μm vertical resolution.

Consistent and accurate

The measurement system does not rely on a user's skill level to operate it accurately, so its measurements are highly consistent and reproducible. Users simply place the sample on the stage and click the “measure” button. Then the measurement system quickly scans the entire topography of a surface so that reliable measurements can be made at any point on an object without actually making any contact with the object. And because 3D information for the entire surface is obtained with a single scan, users can see the overall shape of the target, including the highest and lowest points, without having to re-scan the surface or guess whether the correct location has been measured.

Best-in-class features

The VR Series offers complete 3D surface analysis. The system's cross-sectional profile measurement menu includes tools for measuring height, width, angle, radius and more. A large variety of 3D analysis functions, such as height difference, area, volume and roughness, are also included. The system can analyze form, contour and roughness with 780,000 data points in a single image, and features unmatched measurement precision with XYZ traceable measurements that are compliant with international standards.

A leading manufacturer

This innovative system comes from the bright minds at Keyence, a leading supplier of sensors, microscopes and measuring systems. The company has earned a reputation for developing innovative and reliable products to meet its customers' needs, and the new VR Series is no exception.

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