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Smart Tooth sprockets feature Tsubaki’s patented Wear Indicator pins, which provide a visual indication of wear.

Unscheduled downtime can be detrimental to a company, resulting in loss of business and revenue. In many industries, reliable equipment is required to keep production running smoothly, and Tsubaki’s Smart Tooth sprockets can help. They give users the ability to identify and schedule drive system maintenance before critical component failure occurs. 

Strategically placed pins

Smart Tooth sprockets feature Tsubaki’s patented Wear Indicator pins, which are strategically placed on the thrust faces of one or more of the sprocket teeth, where the resultant pressure angle of the chain roller would create wear. The pins provide a visual indication of wear, so users can easily see that the sprocket needs to be replaced, or that it is within the allowable wear tolerance. 

Availability and applications

Wear Indicator pins can be implemented on a wide selection of Tsubaki’s sprockets, including ANSI 80 through 240 pitch sprockets, British Standard and Double Pitch sprockets with a one-inch pitch or more, engineering class sprockets and carbon steel sprockets. They can also be used on sprockets with hardened and non-hardened teeth, Type A (no hub extension), Type B (one-sided hub extension) or Type C (two-sided hub extension) sprockets, as well as Taper-Lock, XT, QD and Split-Taper style sprockets.

The technology is ideal for use in applications that are driven by capital equipment, or where unscheduled downtime is simply not an option. Mining, oil and gas, and cement industries are among the many sectors that could benefit from Smart Tooth sprockets. 


There are many benefits that can be realized when using Tsubaki’s Smart Tooth sprockets. For example, chain life is extended through predictable maintenance, because users now have the opportunity to schedule maintenance based on sprocket wear rate. In addition, the overall cost of equipment ownership is reduced. 

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