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The Vertex melt pressure sensor is more robust, faster and environmentally friendly than traditional sensors.

Process Heaters carries the latest technological breakthrough from Dynisco — the Vertex melt pressure sensor. The mercury-free sensor matches or exceeds the performance of a traditional sensor; however, the Vertex is more robust, faster and environmentally friendly. 

Key features

The high performing sensor has several best-in-class features that make it the superior choice for many applications. 

  • Robust: The Vertex has a direct measurement tip with a more robust diaphragm that can be up to 7.5 times thicker than a traditional sensor. It is made with Inconel 718 and coated with corrosion- and abrasion-resistant properties to increase the life of the sensor.
  • Speed: The Vertex improves production times because it has a much faster response time than traditional sensors. 
  • Environmentally friendly: Vertex has no mercury or fill material, and it is RoHS compliant — a critical feature for sustainability programs. 
  • More: Vertex sensors work with universal pressure indicators; however, Hart digital communication is available for remote configuration and more extensive diagnostics.
  • Warranty: Dynisco is so confident in the sensor’s performance that it has given the Vertex a four-year warranty. 

Sensor experts

Process Heaters supplies a range of melt pressure transducers to a variety of industries. And with more than 50 years of experience in a wide variety of laboratory and manufacturing applications, the Toronto-based company has the expertise to help its customers select the right sensor for their application. 

“We provide expert customer service to get you the melt pressure sensors that are best suited to your specific application,” the company says. 

To learn more about Dynisco’s Vertex melt pressure sensors, contact Process Heaters


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