REDwire Innovative electrostatic gun has increased ergonomics, quality and savings

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The Nanogun-MV offers intuitive control, advanced ergonomics and ease of use.

The Sames Nanogun-MV is a lightweight electrostatic gun, available from Exel North America, that features outstanding finish quality, enhanced ergonomics, high voltage and current. The result is a superior product that offers significant paint savings for the user. 

Advanced features, many advantages

The Nanogun-MV can handle stains, varnishes and lacquers, polyurethane and epoxy materials, 2K materials, UV paints, and solvent-based and waterborne materials. In addition, it’s suitable for high or low paint flow rates. Thanks to this versatility, the electrostatic gun is a fit for a wide range of markets, including aerospace, furniture, automotive, the wood industry and more. 

The Nanogun-MV offers intuitive control, advanced ergonomics and ease of use. Its new control module is easy to maintain thanks to the ability to program scheduled and diagnostic alerts. Plus, it’s easy to use, with kV setup value, three presets and readability up to five meters. The combination of optimal paint coverage with efficient paint transportation to the part results in up to 20 per cent higher transfer efficiencies compared to previous gun designs.

Increased operator comfort, reduced user fatigue, significant paint and air savings, and great performance with high end production are just some of the many advantages of using the system. 

More information

The Nanogun-MV is available in two versions, depending on the user’s needs. The universal model is compatible with both solvent- and water-based paint. The quick disconnect model is compatible with only solvent-based paint. It is also available with round and fan spray nozzles. 

The best-in-class product is the result of Sames’ 65 years of expertise with electrostatic technology. The Sames brand is manufactured by Exel North America, experts in finishing and dispensing solutions. To learn more about the Nanogun-MV electrostatic gun and its many advantages, contact Exel North America.



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