REDwire Innovative concrete repair solution fixes damaged plant floors quickly and easily

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Manufacturing floors are exposed to wear and tear on a daily basis, particularly in rigorous industrial environments. Left unmaintained, these floors pose safety and productivity hazards. Loctite Magna-Crete can help. Available from Henkel, this high-strength concrete repair solution can be used to quickly and easily repair manufacturing floors.

Case in point

A soft drink manufacturing and bottling company was concerned with forklift safety on its deteriorating concrete floors. Operators were finding heavy soft drink loads were at risk of toppling when being moved by material handling equipment. Standard concrete was considered as a solution, but requires up to three days for the patch to fully cure. In an effort to avoid delaying traffic flow in the plant, the company required a fast-curing concrete repair product that would also provide a long-term fix to the damaged floors.

Loctite PC 9410 Magna-Crete was the ideal solution. It offered the high strength and rapid setting that the company required, enabling it to bond quickly to concrete (as well as wood, glass, steel and other construction materials). It’s resistant to most common liquids and chemicals, with the exception of acids, and offers high impact resistance and high compression strength. In addition, the material does not shrink, crack, freeze or thaw.

In the case of the soft drink manufacturer, staff first prepared the floors by using a hammer drill to remove loose material. Next, feathered edges of the damaged area were cut down to a depth of half an inch to improve the adhesive strength of the patch to the old concrete. Finally, a trowel was used to apply and smooth the Loctite PC 9410 Magna-Crete. Within 30 minutes of applying the solution, the repaired floors could be returned to normal forklift traffic. This solution saved the company valuable production time by cutting the complete floor repair project from a potential three-day job to just three hours.

Additional details

Magna-Crete is available in multiple sizes, from a one-gallon kit that covers 170 cubic inches, up to 55-gallon drums for larger areas up to 3,564 cubic inches.

To learn more about the options and advantages of Loctite Magna-Crete, contact Henkel.


Henkel Canada Corporation

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