REDwire Innovative breathing air systems are available from NCA Ltd.

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Wall-mounted and portable breathing air systems are available from NCA.

NCA Ltd. (National Compressed Air) can provide a variety of breathing air systems. The London, Ont.-based company provides reliable, cost-effective solutions that meet or exceed the most stringent international standards for breathing air. 

Wall-mounted breathing air panel

The Nano BAP breathing air panel can be mounted to a wall, skid or any spot that regularly requires high-quality breathable air. Some examples include blasting or painting booths, hazardous areas, tank cleaning locations and confined spaces. To remove moisture, oil aerosols, odours and taste, the system uses a Nano F-Series 1 NWS water separator and an M01 0.01 micron coalescing filter. The filter features automatic condensate drains and an AC-activated carbon absorber. It is capable of removing contaminants to 0.003 ppm. To ensure safe and reliable operation, the air panels also include an adjustable pressure regulator, as well as a carbon monoxide monitor. They are available in flow rates of 50, 100 or 175 scfm.

Portable breathing air case

The Nano BAC portable breathing air case is a robust filtration system that can go anywhere. It has the same filtration and monitoring features as the Nano BAP wall-mounted panels, but this system is housed in an impact- and weather-resistant portable case. It is suitable for one or multiple users, as it has four outlet connections. It offers maximum flow rates of either 50 or 100 scfm. 

Modular breathing air systems

In addition to removing oil, odour, taste and particulate, Nano modular NBA breathing air purifiers can remove hazardous gases, including carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. To do this, they use a four-layer, mixed bed cartridge in aluminum extruded vessels.

The cartridge first removes water vapour and polishes CO2 using an activated alumina and 13X molecular sieve mix. Next, the cartridge uses activated carbon to remove odour, taste and hydrocarbons. Lastly, it uses Carulite to convert CO to CO2.

An integrated 1.0 micron particulate after filter is used to keep all material in place. The result is air that is free from harmful gases, odours and particulate. The unique filter cartridges in the Nano NBA are fast and simple to replace. 

Reliable solutions

NCA Ltd. is known for offering the most advanced and highest quality compressed air equipment available. For more information, visit the company’s website.


NCA Ltd.

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