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Destuff-IT aids in getting boxes to the dock area for sorting and palletizing in an efficient manner.

Manufacturers, distribution centres, warehousing facilities and third-party logistics organizations all have products and materials transported in shipping containers or transportation trailers that require handling. When the product is palletized, it is easily handled by forklift. However, there needs to be an efficient and safe way to load and unload unpalletized products. 

Engineered Lifting Systems has the answer. Its Destuff-IT is an innovative product designed to help workers unload unpalletized product from containers and trailers.

A better way

Many workers are still required to work with a step stool when unloading a container. However, a stool only gets them so high, and it may cause the worker to become injured from repetitive lifting, twisting, carrying and overhead reaching. With the Destuff-IT, workers stand on an operator platform and are able to drive and steer the machine. Using hydraulic power, the operator controls the vertical height of the platform to safely position himself/herself closer to the product being loaded or unloaded. This maneuverability significantly reduces the risk of injury from reaching, lifting, twisting and carrying product.

A look at the numbers

Whether handling a single SKU or dozens, the Destuff-IT aids in getting boxes to the dock area for sorting and palletizing in an efficient manner, offering major productivity gains along the way. For example, one worker on a Destuff-IT can achieve a case rate in excess of 800 boxes per hour, depending on the size and weight of the box. In addition, using a Destuff-IT machine over the “step-stool method” can reduce unload times by as much as 50 per cent. 

An innovative company

The innovative Destuff-IT comes from a company with a reputation for thinking outside of the box. Engineered Lifting Systems has been making difficult jobs seem easy for 45 years, thanks to its lineup of material lifting systems and equipment. 

To learn more about Destuff-IT, or the company’s wide selection of equipment manufactured in Ontario, contact Engineered Lifting Systems.


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