REDwire Infrared heat: the overlooked ingredient to make good food look even better

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Infrared heaters are a type of heating solution used in a wide range of industries from automotive to transportation.

Ever wonder how French fries get its appetizing golden brown appearance? Or perhaps while fine dining at a fancy restaurant you sampled some bread or meat embossed with the restaurant’s name or logo?

Through the magic of infrared heat, food is enhanced by each of the five senses, most particularly in its appeal to the eye.

Infrared heaters are a type of heating solution used in a wide range of industries from automotive to transportation, although none is tastier than the food handling and processing sector.

Delectable delights and tempting treats made by the art of cooking is elevated to another level by the science of infrared heat.

Infrared heat is a proven efficient and effective solution for an assortment of processes completed within food industry. From baking cakes to searing vegetables, infrared heat makes melt in your mouth meals even more scrumptious because of the browning process it produces on the garnishes, toppings and trimmings of dishes.

Carbon infrared emitters brown or toast the top layer of ready-made or restaurant quality foods short of further cooking the meal itself. The benefits of carbon infrared methods lies in its enhanced energy efficiency and economic savings far superior to conventional heating.

Lip smack your way through our sample of fanciful fine eats and treats benefiting from the high performance and quality of infrared heating.

Carnivore culinary delights

You may never look at a roasted ham or hearty hamburger again the same way again once you tasted them finished with the infrared heating processed.

Medium wave carbon infrared emitters treat the meat with heat – all in a focused fashion. Whether browning chicken on a stick or roasting sandwich meat, infrared heat works well in modern meat preparation to boost taste by sight and not by adding fat.

Sweet treats good enough to eat

While some people already have a built-in sweet tooth, delicacies such as desserts still need to look supremely sublime.

Thanks to infrared heating, savoury or sweet toppings adorning sweets, such as nuts or sugar atop biscuits, cakes or puddings, presents well with an attractive browning colour – sometimes even more delicious than the dessert itself.

Modern infrared emitters allow the browning process to take place without any pre-heating using efficient energy input to assure heat is used and applied precisely where and when needed.

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