REDwire Information security management system helps companies reduce risk and grow business

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BSI offers training courses to help its clients build and manage a long-term information security framework.

When it comes to information security, companies can’t be too careful. Protecting records and commercially sensitive information is critical to a company’s competitiveness and, therefore, its survival.

ISO/IEC 27001 Information Security Management (ISMS) is an important standard designed to help companies implement a robust approach to managing information security and building resilience. In fact, organizations that have complied with the standard have already seen significant benefits.

Major advantages

According to a survey of 645 organizations that have implemented ISO/IEC 27001, 87 per cent of respondents stated that implementing the standard had a positive or very positive outcome. The numerous benefits include:

  • An increased ability to meet compliance requirements and respond to proposals;
  • A decreased number of security incidents and downtime;
  • Increased competitiveness;
  • Increased internal and external customer satisfaction;
  • An increase in the quality control of information security processes and procedures; and
  • A reduction in the level of risk.

As a result, many companies also noted an increase in ROI and sales. An added bonus: implementing such a standard inspires trust in a business.

How BSI can help

BSI Group is a global independent business services organization that develops standards-based solutions to improve management practices and promote innovation. It has many years of experience helping embed ISO/IEC 27001 in an array of different business sectors, providing end-to-end support for clients, while helping them monitor and maintain their systems.

BSI offers training courses to help its clients build and manage a long-term information security framework, and offers resources on its website to help customers understand the benefits of compliance.

To learn more, contact BSI Group.


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