REDwire Industrial sheet metal cutting: the insider's quick and dirty version

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Matritech Inc. explains the differences between laser, punch and hybrid industrial cutting techniques as it relates to the sheet metal fabrication process.

Industrial sheet metal cutting is a specialized application that offers the greatest results in accuracy, appearance, flexibility and speed.

While the machine cutting options used by manufacturers of industrial sheet metal fabrication can vary (CNC plasma, laser, punch press or water jet, to name a few) one factor that must remain constant is to identify which technique will deliver the correct cutting result for your metal fabrication project.

Looking to learn the ropes when it comes to cutting sheet metal like an expert?

Below are some top cutting methods explained to help you hack metal like a boss.

Laser cutting

Choose laser cutting as a top pick since it delivers high quality in both speed and precision.

Ideally suited to cut rounded forms, machines designed to perform laser cutting is equipped with automatic loading and unloading of sheet material for clear-cut incisions each and every time.

Punch cutting

Pick punch cutting when uniformity is a top priority. This cutting technique is best for projects that require consistent shapes or contours to be stamped such as grills or holes.

Hybrid cutting

As a fusion of laser and punch cutting methods, hybrid cutting offers maximum versatility in bridging the best of both technologies by creating one uniquely designed, customized result. 

Measure twice, cut once: let us take the guesswork out of industrial cutting applications

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