REDwire Three industrial packaging trivia facts you can use to impress your friends

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Hood Packaging Corp. shares some industrial packaging trivia about coated papers, plastic film and the liquid packaging process that people can use to impress their friends.

Want to impress your friends next time you’re attend a social function or just hanging out?

Stand out from the crowd and get up to speed with topics in industrial packaging.

Trivia fact no. 1 – North America is home to nine flexible plastic film and bag plants

More choice equals more options. But that also means more opportunity for lackluster packaging products to seep into an already oversaturated market, which makes it harder to sift through the true gems from the diamonds in the rough.

Finding a reputable, top-notch industrial bag supplier can be a cinch when you have guidance on the types of features to look out for.

Packaging firms that offer affordable yet durable film specifications, such as polyethylene or nylon multilayer film structures, ensure that your product will retain the highest in security barrier and protection.

Bags constructed with sonic sealed valves, small perforations and hand grips offer both convenience and practicality for products that need to be filtered, sifted or scattered from the packaging such as cement, minerals or salt.

Trivia fact no. 2 – Birds and cats have more in common than first thought: they share the same pet food bag and packaging processes

If only Sylvester and Tweety Bird got along, maybe they would have known their pet food bags are made in the same way. Okay, that's a stretch, but you can appreciate the attempt.

Woven Polypropylene Bags are designed for heavy and durable stacking on store shelves, as well as holding bulk amounts of product, such as birdseed or pet food.

The interlaced pattern of the bag is engineered in this manner to ensure a high resistance to punctures and lasting durability of the packaging over time.

Trivia fact no. 3 – Milk cartons and juice boxes have stiff upper lips (a.k.a. spouts) because of their great restraint of holding their liquid together

Ever notice a carton with a leaky bottom when pouring milk into your cereal? Very unlikely.

Thanks to the industrial liquid packaging process, industrial-grade seal liquid filling equipment uses resilient paperboard, multilayer film blends and structures to manufacture cartons and juice boxes with advanced, protective barrier properties to keep liquids fresh and securly sealed.

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