REDwire Industrial impellers flush wastewater management woes down the drain

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If you think you have a gigantic task when you pull out the plunger to unblock a clog in your household, consider what it takes to unblock raw, unprocessed sewage from a municipal wastewater facility.

Wastewater management facilities have two main challenges they continually have to flush down the drain: clogged drains and blocked impellers.

Impellers are rotors inside pumps used to regulate the flow and pressure of pump water and wastewater efficiently for domestic and sewage applications performed in industries such as chemical, energy, mining, petrochemical and water treatment.

Manufactured from aluminum, brass, iron or plastic, an impeller is a rotating mechanism that transfers energy released by the motor inside the pump in order to accelerate the flow of water.

Reminiscent of learning alphabet fundamentals, absorb some impeller basics with the five main types of impellers each distinguished by letter.

D impellers

D impellers handle coarse and solid matter with its open, diagonal single-vane feature. Designed with a free passage of around 150 millimetres, these impellers have a grip on activated, circulated, heating, raw and digested sludge as well as mixed and raw wastewater.

E impellers

Solid matter and long fibre materials is compatible for this closed single-vane impeller. Raw and mixed wastewater and activated, circulated and heating sludge can be efficiently transported with E impellers, which feature a free passage range of up to 280 millimetres.

F impellers

Free-flow is what the F impeller stands for: its 135 millimetre, free-flow capability is used in applications such as circulated, heating and digested sludge, mixed and raw wastewater in either coarse or solid substances or also in entrapped gas or air.

K impellers

The closed multi-vane feature of the K impeller is engineered with free passages upwards of 190 millimetres. K impellers are equipped to handle non-gaseous and fibrous-free materials, which are well suited for industrial applications including wastewater, landfill and activated sludge with either solid or mud-like consistency.

S impellers

The S impeller design allows for a larger volume of wastewater transportation with higher energy and economic efficiency. Because of its cutter feature and free passage design of up to seven millimeters, the S impeller is Ideal for wastewater containing coarse or long-fibred substances.

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